Questions Board

New Idea (sort of): I saw this in a classroom somewhere a long time ago and it stuck in my head. It is a board for display in my classroom that will look a little like this.

question boardWhen I put it up in my room I will use some nice brightly coloured paper.

My dilemma is how to use this effectively. I have a few ideas. Continue reading

While You Were Out Wall

In a previous blog post One thing to Improve I wrote about a problem I have with absent pupils. This summarizes my thoughts.

One area which has always been a struggle for me is dealing with pupils who have been absent. Whether an illness or appointment or school trip or family holiday, pupils tend to expect to walk back into class and somehow magically catch up with the rest of the class. One of my biggest frustrations is when a pupil leaves a homework or test question blank and says “I was off when you did this”.

How do I help pupils to take more responsibility for their own learning?

After this post I was given the suggestion of using Mardel® Filetastic Hanging Folder Pockets. Unfortunately, these are not available in the UK (or at least I couldn’t track them down).

Then some lovely teachers on Twitter sent me links of how to make your own. I love a craft project! Continue reading