The week that was (no.2)

Second week of school after the holidays and everything is settling back to normality. Technology working then not working, pupils working then not working and me always working!!

It’s been a positive week overall this week despite a brief moment on Wednesday when I had a mini panic and doubt that¬† I am doing any good as a teacher and Principal Teacher.¬† Continue reading

The week that was (No. 1)

This past week was the first week back to work after the summer holidays and I was definitely ready to go back. I want to share some of the highlights and lowlights of my week, what worked well, what didn’t and any resources I used.

Quick disclaimer – I have been teaching for over 13 years and I still don’t always get it right. I don’t know the “best” way to teach but try my best every day. It’s not perfect but it’s what I do. Continue reading

The Start of the Lesson

The start of the lesson is so important as it sets the tone for the rest of the lesson. For my junior classes I use a mixture of Which One Doesn’t Belong? Estimation 180, Numeracy Grids, Numeracy Ninjas, Fraction Talks, Open Middle, Transum, …..

But I have always been quite unsatisfied with the starters I set for my senior classes. I typically choose a few questions based on the previous lesson as a lead in to the current one. While I don’t think there was anything wrong with the questions I was setting I knew I could use the starter in a more purposeful way. Continue reading

Unremarkable and ordinary

I’ve been struggling this year with blogging. I’ve had the time but not the motivation or inspiration. When I have sat down to write a blog post I haven’t been able to think of anything worth sharing. Now when I say “worth sharing ” I mean I haven’t made any great fancy resource or game to share, I don’t have any big ideas or anything I think anyone would want to read. Continue reading