Unremarkable and ordinary

I’ve been struggling this year with blogging. I’ve had the time but not the motivation or inspiration. When I have sat down to write a blog post I haven’t been able to think of anything worth sharing. Now when I say “worth sharing ” I mean I haven’t made any great fancy resource or game to share, I don’t have any big ideas or anything I think anyone would want to read.

But this summer I’ve been reflecting and after reading all the #tmc18 tweets about teacher leaders and watching Julie Reulbach’s speech https://ispeakmath.org/2018/07/26/teacher-leader-you-are-enough-keynote-tmc18/ “You are not an imposter. You are enough” I have come to the conclusion that my blog posts don’t have to be the most eloquently written, the most research based, the most exciting, the most anything. My blog posts can simply be about my teaching. It doesn’t matter if they are ever read or don’t create a buzz on Twitter. I recognise that what I do on a day to day basis may not set the educational world on fire but it’s what I do and it is enough.

Like most teachers, I love a plan. So what is my blogging plan? I am going to challenge myself to blog weekly and share anything that has been happening in my classroom the week before. I will share things like:

  • Quote of the week
  • Question of the week
  • Resource of the week
  • Puzzle of the week
  • Most challenging moment of the week
  • Worksheet of the week
  • Proudest moment of the week
  • Inspiration of the week
  • I am not going to worry if what I share is ordinary and unremarkable . It will be a true reflection of what is happening in my classroom day in and day out. Now all I need is a catchy title for this collection of weekly blog posts. Any suggestions are most welcome.
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    3 thoughts on “Unremarkable and ordinary

    1. Love it! Blogging is strange, isn’t it? On the one hand I tell myself that I do it for myself, as a process of reflection and to enable me to find things later so that I can learn from my experiences and become a better teacher. On the other hand I write it for others to read and I like it when the stats show that more than 1 other person has clicked on it (whether they actually read it or found it useful is another matter!)
      I like your idea of unremarkable and ordinary. This is the stuff of teaching. The consistent routines that we plug away at 39 weeks a years, that’s how our children learn and grow. There is no silver bullet, or latest greatest shiny new thing that will suddenly transform learning. I look forward to reading about your ordinary weeks. I hope I might have the time, energy and inspiration to write about mine too but I’m not promising anything!


    2. I have been there…. to be honest, that’s one of the reasons I started blogging My Favorite Friday to force myself to blog, to reflect on the week, and to celebrate the day to day in my classroom. It also helped me to interrupt the whole “I haven’t blogged in X days/weeks/months, so I need to make up for it by blogging something amazing”.


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