This week – no 9 & 10

I missed writing my blog post last week due to other commitments but am back for week 10. It has been a funny week at work. Lots of uncertainty over Coronavirus and other work related issues. However, I have enjoyed teaching my classes this week after a low spell.

So here’s what my classes were doing last week:

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This week – no.8

This week was a pretty poor teaching week for me. I felt that most of my lessons were pretty lacklustre. I think the problem was that all my time was taken up with other school related tasks that my own planning got put to the end of my list. I don’t like when this happens but it’s the reality that occurs sometimes. After a tough week I was feeling like I didn’t want to attend the Moray Maths Conference on Saturday. However, I am really glad I went. The conference reenergised me and I came away with lots of ideas to implement. My only concern is that I won’t have time to do this – but I must try to make time as it is important to focus on teaching and learning.

So this post I am going to write about my takeaways from the conference instead of my lessons from the past week. Hopefully there is something useful for other teachers to takeaway too. Continue reading