This page will contain links to any resources that I mention in my blog and any other resources that I create. It will be a work in progress with resources updated regularly.


These are the worksheets shown or mentioned at MathsConf12.

Equations Sheet 1

Equations Sheet 2

Equations Sheet 3

Angles Around A Point

Complementary and Supplementary Angles Sheet 1

Complementary and Supplementary Angles Sheet 2

Evaluating Functions

Changing the Subject of the Formula Sheet 1


Simplifying Algebraic Fractions – print the cards double sided. When found the answer to a question, turn it over to find the next question.

Matching Brackets – cut out or colour the matching brackets to expanded form (single bracket only)

Solving Inequalities Pairs Check – basic solving inequalities

Red Amber Green Factorising – differentiated task


Percentages Mix and Match– make 7 correct calculations using the given percentages and amounts

Logarithms Trail – trail testing solving logarithm equations

Peaches Today– calculating the fraction of a quantity problems (from nrich)

Highest Common Factor Puzzle– match the numbers to the highest common factors

The Factors and Multiples Game – game for two players finding factors and multiples (from nrich)

Abundant Numbers– how many can you find? (from nrich)

Number Drop – quick starter or exit ticket question

 Indices Investigation discover some of the laws of indices


Area and Perimeter Challenge Cards – 8 questions about area and perimeter of a rectangle

Red Amber Green Trig Equations – differentiated task


Exit Ticket Prompt Poster

Exit Ticket Prompt Cards


Square Roots – there are two solutions

Zero Product Property

Math-y Name

Important to You

Learn Maths

Difficult Try Harder

Weekly Starters

Time Display

 Problem Solving

Handshake Problem


Numeracy Grids

Numeracy Grids 1 – 26

0 to 49 Cards

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3