The week that was (no. 6)

Why is it that just as I feel I am finally making progress with one class, another class starts to fall apart? I have focussed recently on getting my N5 classes into a good working routine and now another class has gone backwards. On the surface they seem to be working away but as I go round the room some are not doing anything, some getting everything wrong and only a few are actually being successful. I am not sure that many of the pupils are making much progress at all. I think I need to go back to the drawing board with them and implement some new strategies.

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The week that was (no.5)

This week has been a relatively positive week despite being completely exhausted and feeling that my brain wasn’t switched on most of the time.

Here’s what my classes have been doing this week:

  • S2: SDT and Distance Time graphs
  • S3: Equation of a Line and Trigonometry
  • N5: Arcs and Sectors and Volume of Solids
  • AH: Integration using partial fractions and by substitution

Resource of the Week

One of my favourite tasks to do is a sorting task. My S2 class had been working on speed, distance and time calculations but hadn’t yet spent time choosing which formula to use from the question. I collated a selection of word questions and gave them to the pupils in pairs to sort into three categories – Distance Speed Time. Once they had sorted the questions they then answered them. Continue reading

Straight Line Investigation – a bit of a fail

I am going to share a series of lessons that I had with my S3 class this week. I have four 50 minute periods per week with my S3s, who are the middle set out of three. There are 25 pupils in the class with a broad range of maths skills and confidence.

Straight line investigation

The aim of the investigation was for my pupils to consider the relationship between the equation of a line and the gradient and y intercept.

I created a sheet which had 4 questions: Continue reading

The week that was (no. 3)

Week 3 of this year is over already. I’m always amazed how quickly school life settles into a routine after the summer holidays. This week my classes have been working on:

  • S2 Time and Speed Distance Time
  • S3 The Straight Line
  • N5 Algebraic Fractions and Completing the Square
  • AH Parametric Differentiation and Related Rates

This week has brought cake, pancakes, laughs, tears and even more cake. Continue reading