Avoid Avoidance

I have a list of changes and improvements that I want to make to my teaching. As I read other teacher blogs and twitter feeds, my list grows. I have a notebook in which I make a note when I spot something online that I want to try out or investigate more.

What’s the problem then? I have come to the realisation that I spend so much time looking for the next great idea that will revolutionize my teaching that I am avoiding spending time actually making any improvements. Coupled with the huge daily workload that goes along with being a teacher I have become an expert at avoidance.

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Learning Intentions and PPPB

In a previous post Reflections on Last Term I talked about some formative assessments strategies I have been using. Here are some more details about these strategies.

Learning Intentions

I used to give pupils a list of learning intentions for each block of work at the end of each block for them to use for revision. However, last term I focussed on making pupil notes far more interactive so I decided to give out the learning intentions for each topic in each block at the start of each topic.

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