Learning Intentions and PPPB

In a previous post Reflections on Last Term I talked about some formative assessments strategies I have been using. Here are some more details about these strategies.

Learning Intentions

I used to give pupils a list of learning intentions for each block of work at the end of each block for them to use for revision. However, last term I focussed on making pupil notes far more interactive so I decided to give out the learning intentions for each topic in each block at the start of each topic.

Pupils stick these into their notes at the start of the topic. This way pupils know exactly what they will be learning in each topic and can complete their self evaluation as they go along. This allows pupils to identify areas of development earlier in the term and can start working on these areas sooner. Pupils cannot take more responsibility for their own learning unless they know what they are expected to learn

Here is an example: Functions



Pose Pause Pounce Bounce – the first time I heard this I giggled. It is a bit of a tongue twister but it turns out that it describes a way of questioning in the classroom which many of us already do.

This is how it works:

Pose – inform pupils that there should be no hands up before the question is asked. Ask a question.

Pause – Pause and wait for at least 10 seconds before anyone is asked to answer.

Pounce – ask a specific pupil to answer the question. If the pupil manages to give an answer then …

Bounce – ask another pupil immediately for their opinion of the previous answer. Then bounce to another pupil to discuss the responses.

The answer should not be given by the teacher but agreed by the class as more pupils give their support and reasoning to an answer.

Here is a clip from Dylan William explaining the process.

For more information see Teacher Toolkit








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