#MTBoS12days Reflection on last term

The fifth task for the Yule Blog Challenge is to reflect on last term (or semester) and consider what will I start, stop and continue. I’m new to blogging and this is the first task which has really made me think about my teaching and learning over the last term.

What will I start:

I am going to start using these Problem Solving Bookmarks that I found online (don’t have the original link). I find that my pupils are very quick to say they “cannae dae it” when they see a tricky problem before even giving themselves time to think. I would like to give all my pupils a copy of the bookmark and make a real effort to refer to it during lessons.

What will I stop:

I am going to stop worrying about things that I have no control over. Thinking back to last term I have realised that I spent a good chunk of time worrying and stressing about not having enough time to complete courses, being a teacher (or two) down in the maths department and other things. These are important issues but distract from my focus on my pupils and they should come first.

What will I continue:

I have been making a real effort to use a wide range of formative assessment tools in all my lessons. Formative Assessment has been talked about for years, in fact I remember planning a formative assessment policy over 10 years ago when I was an inexperienced probationer. Despite this I felt that it was not embedded in my everyday lessons. Last term I have been using:

  • traffic light cards – pupils have a set on their desk and can use them for whole class responses or can place it on their desk to show me if they are needing help or if they understand the task
  • exit ticket prompts – I acquired these from @druinok and have really helped me to use exit tickets regularly. The fun part is using the giant dice to choose which prompt to use
  • learning intentions for pupils to stick into notes which include self assessment space. This way pupils know exactly what is required of them and can identify areas of strengths and areas for improvement
  • questioning – using pose, pause, pounce, bounce when asking whole class questions and when giving feedback not identifying where a mistake is but what type of mistake it is and giving pupils time to find the mistake themselves

I want to continue to work on using a variety of formative assessment techniques next term.






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