Maths Game – 1 to 100 grid

I recently shared on Twitter about a maths game I had played with my Higher class. We were practicing differentiating using the chain rule. This is a game I read about on Twitter previously but cannot remember where from. 

Here is how the game works:

On the whiteboard I put up a 1 to 100 grid as shown below and choose one of the numbers as the winning number, which is written on a piece of paper and hidden away. 

I have a set of questions and answers prepared in advance (and all numbered to help marking).

The pupils, who were working in pairs, take a question and work out the solution. They bring me the solution for checking. If it is correct they get to select a number on the 1 to 100 grid. Then they take another question.

If the pupils answer incorrectly, they take the question back to re try. If still incorrect I will provide a hint.

This continues until all the numbers are taken.

The winning number is then revealed and a small prize awarded to the winners. 

I like this game as the more questions each pair answers correctly the higher the chance of choosing the winning number and I get to check every single question completed by the class. This allows me to see all the common errors and misconceptions. 

This game works well with a relatively small class as it can get quite hectic. I will definitely be using it again. 

It can be used for any topic at all. Here’s an example.