The week that was (no. 6)

Why is it that just as I feel I am finally making progress with one class, another class starts to fall apart? I have focussed recently on getting my N5 classes into a good working routine and now another class has gone backwards. On the surface they seem to be working away but as I go round the room some are not doing anything, some getting everything wrong and only a few are actually being successful. I am not sure that many of the pupils are making much progress at all. I think I need to go back to the drawing board with them and implement some new strategies.

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Volume of Solids

Over the past couple of weeks, my S3 class have been studying volume of solids. The class taught each other all about volume (Who’s the Teacher?), then looked at composite volume.

What did we do next? A Design Task


Each pupil made a sketch in their jotter and worked out the volume calculations. They had to consider the size of each solid and what material to make it out of. Continue reading