Volume of Solids

Over the past couple of weeks, my S3 class have been studying volume of solids. The class taught each other all about volume (Who’s the Teacher?), then looked at composite volume.

What did we do next? A Design Task


Each pupil made a sketch in their jotter and worked out the volume calculations. They had to consider the size of each solid and what material to make it out of.

Here are a few pictures of their plans:

It was really interesting observing the pupils plan their structures. Some were reluctant to write down anything until they knew it would work but others just played about with designs until they were happy.

There were many great discussions about what would happen to the cost, which was based on volume, if a length was changed. We managed to link into similarity and scale factors which we had studied earlier in the term.

The pupils then had to make a poster showing the final designs and costings. Here are some of the finished results:

This task took two 50 minute periods and the majority of the class were focussed on the task for the whole time – granted this is a great class who generally get on well with whatever I set. However, there were a handful of pupils who never got beyond the jotter planning stages.

Definitely loved the task and the class did too.


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