New Homework Plans

I’ve been teaching for quite a while now and homework is an area I still feel I’m not getting right. Whether it be forgetting to set homework, not setting homework that doesn’t impact learning or poor feedback on homework handed in. Recently I read a blog post about 2-4-2 homework. This homework sets 2 questions on the current topic, 4 questions on previously covered topics and 2 extension questions. 

Instantly I was intrigued by this format. So often I complain about my pupils poor retention of previous topics. This 2-4-2 format would provide spaced and interleaved practice giving pupils to revisit and review topics throughout the year.

My aim is to write a collection of these homeworks for National 5 maths that will be ready to use at the start of the next session. Hopefully having a set of homeworks prepared in advance with proper planning put into them will help pupils next session. 

My other consideration for homework is feedback. I have seen a lot around Twitter about Marking Crib Sheets. These are used to provide whole class feedback. Here is an example of one that I’m considering of adapting.

I would love to hear other opinions on setting homework. 

My Favourites

Over the last few months I have been blogging less and less. Partly due to starting a new job and partly due to lack of inspiration.

Then I saw this on twitter:

This got me excited about the new year and a chance to renew my blogging.

Then appeared this: Continue reading