My Favourites

Over the last few months I have been blogging less and less. Partly due to starting a new job and partly due to lack of inspiration.

Then I saw this on twitter:

This got me excited about the new year and a chance to renew my blogging.

Then appeared this:

More inspiration to blog and share. So here I go:

My Favourites

Last year when I taught sketching quadratics I felt that I was unclear about the different methods when sketching by factorising or by completing the square. For the rest of the year my pupils kept mixing up the methods.

So when approaching teaching it again this year I wanted to try to give notes that would be clearer and easier to understand.

This is what I came up with:


A foldable for sketching quadratics. The front of the foldable had Factorising and Complete The Square as the titles. I used my visualiser to work through the examples along with the class. As you can see drawing parabolas free hand is not my strong point.

This worked so well. Having the steps written out beside each part of the example makes each step clear. As we were working through questions it was encouraging to see pupils referring to the foldable regularly to help before asking me.

I have no doubts that some of my pupils will still struggle to remember how to sketch quadratics but I am confident that the notes they have will provide a great starting point for them to learn.

This is now one of my favourite resources I have made. A copy of the foldable can be found here.

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