(Even more) 5 minutes of fun!

I previously wrote a blog about three activities that can be used at the end of a lesson. Here I want to share a few more little activities that I like to use in my classroom.

The first one is entitled “Pass the Bomb” – it is called this as I use a plastic bomb from the game “Pass the Bomb”. This is a word game (super fun) which I had and thought would be fun to translate into a maths game. Continue reading


It’s a new school year and I have a new classroom. I have been thinking about how to best decorate the classroom. I have a few posters from last session which I want to keep using but I wanted to add a few new ones.

The first one is my math-y name. This idea came from Sarah Carter’s Welcome sign. I decided to make my name to put on my door. Here it is: Continue reading

#1TMCThing ~ Expand the MTBos

I joined Twitter this time last year and it has been a wonderful experience. I have found inspiration from teachers all around the world, read blogs which provide resources, teaching methodology and much more. I have shared the goings on in my classroom through #teach180 and my blog in a hope to give something back.

I find myself a little disconnected with it all lately and I finally figured out why. For the past few weeks there have been many tweets about TMC16. Before, during and after. Reading these tweets have made me sad. Despite being full of enthusiasm and passion, teaching and learning, enjoyment and ideas; they highlight how alone I often feel in the Twitter world and that I am missing out on something really special. Continue reading