It’s a new school year and I have a new classroom. I have been thinking about how to best decorate the classroom. I have a few posters from last session which I want to keep using but I wanted to add a few new ones.

The first one is my math-y name. This idea came from Sarah Carter’s Welcome sign. I decided to make my name to put on my door. Here it is:

I’m hoping that it will brighten up my door.

I also wanted to have some inspirational quotes up that relate to maths. These are what I’m going with so far:

posterv1poster 2IMPORTANT

Finally, for my S1/2 classes I want to have a weekly structure for their starters. There are so many great starters out there so I have selected a few to use. These may change later on in the year. weekly starters.PNG

I haven’t put the days beside each starter as I see my S1 and S2 classes on different days. I am hopeful that by having the same type of starter each week the pupils will need fewer instructions and can spend more time on each task. I have chosen these tasks in order to promote discussion, thinking, estimating and numeracy skills.

If you would like a copy of any of these posters, here’s the link. The posters are at the bottom of the resources page.





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