The week that was (no. 6)

Why is it that just as I feel I am finally making progress with one class, another class starts to fall apart? I have focussed recently on getting my N5 classes into a good working routine and now another class has gone backwards. On the surface they seem to be working away but as I go round the room some are not doing anything, some getting everything wrong and only a few are actually being successful. I am not sure that many of the pupils are making much progress at all. I think I need to go back to the drawing board with them and implement some new strategies.

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Solving Trig Equations Red Amber Green

A while back I blogged about one of my favourite tasks Red Amber Green. This is a task structure that I used to use regularly but recently I have not. I have no idea why not as it is a perfect task for any year group and perfect for mixed ability groups. I am hoping that by refreshing my memory of Red Amber Green tasks I will start to use again in class.

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