Questions Board

New Idea (sort of): I saw this in a classroom somewhere a long time ago and it stuck in my head. It is a board for display in my classroom that will look a little like this.

question boardWhen I put it up in my room I will use some nice brightly coloured paper.

My dilemma is how to use this effectively. I have a few ideas.

There could be a stack of post its kept near to the Question Board – maybe even hanging in a poly pocket on the wall beside it – and students can take one and write a question on and put it up if they haven’t had time to ask their question during the lesson. My concern here is that as the lesson ends students are moving on to their next lesson so won’t have time to write a post it.

It could be used for a plenary task – write a question that you still have? This would give me time to look over these and help me to plan the next lesson. Concerns here – why bother with the board? Students could just hand me their questions.

Have a stack of post its on each desk and students can write the question during the lesson. But – some students find post its too much fun to play with and they might disappear.

Maybe the idea is not a great one and doesn’t have a real purpose. I really hope that I can think this through properly because I love the idea of having somewhere for students to ask their questions.

I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts on this. Thanks.



4 thoughts on “Questions Board

  1. This is the exact problem I’ve had. I have a “parking lot” in the back of my room for kids to “park their great questions”, but I ran across the same issues. As a result, I’ve never used it! I look forward to the answers you get!


  2. What about creating a Google Form and posting it on your classroom webpage so students can ask their question anonymously? Students can complete the form on their own time without the rush of having to do so before leaving the classroom. Students will have the anonymity from other students however you will know who is submitting the question. Just a thought. I saw this on another teachers Google Site. I cannot take credit for the idea but I LOVE IT!!!


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