#MTBoS12days One thing to improve

One thing I want to improve this term … this is the Yule Time Challenge set. This is incredibly difficult to decide upon because there are so many areas where I feel I need to make improvements.

However, if I want to make significant changes and have them be effective then it is wise to focus on one or two small changes and build from there.

One area which has always been a struggle for me is dealing with pupils who have been absent. Whether an illness or appointment or school trip or family holiday, pupils tend to expect to walk back into class and somehow magically catch up with the rest of the class. One of my biggest frustrations is when a pupil leaves a homework or test question blank and says “I was off when you did this”.

How do I help pupils to take more responsibility for their own learning?

I came across this idea on Twitter (@McKyntre)absence alert

My idea is to complete this and give to pupils after an absence and thought it could be helpful for me to formally acknowledge the work the pupil has missed and then they would know exactly what they need to catch up on.  I am hoping that this will be a reminder to them that it is their responsibility to catch up on the work they have missed.

My concern is that this will create even more work for me and may not have the desired result.

I would really appreciate any thoughts or ideas on this area.

Here is the link to the absence alert sheet.




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