Sharing: 5 Favourites

The power of Twitter still amazes me. On Friday at 4.43pm I tweeted these two tweets about a starter I had used with my S2 class on Friday morning:

Then at 9.21pm, these tweets appeared:

A link that I had shared as part of #mathsrockedtoday had allowed another teacher to find a new resource and use it within a lesson that same day. So cool!

This got me reflecting on all the great new ideas and resources that I have been using in my lessons this past year and how my teaching practice has improved thanks to others sharing on Twitter.

So I want to share some more:

Here are a few different resources I have found over the past year, some you may know, others you may not. Hope they inspire you the way they have done for me this year.

  1. Every week Chris Smith (@aap03102) sends out his newsletter to over 1600 people. It is full of wonderfully geeky maths facts, puzzles, information, lesson ideas, thought of the week and, of course, the milk rota. Here are some examples from some of the latest issues.

You can receive a copy of the newsletter each week by getting in touch with Chris @aap03102.

2.  The earlier mentioned This site is amazing for finding starters and activities on many topics. There is a Starter of the Day section for a random selection of starter. Here is the first one I found:


I love the variety of questions and tasks all designed to engage learners and promote mathematical thinking.

3. This one I know everyone will know but just want to share my love of Open Middle Problems. Open Middle problems have been such a hit in my classes this term. The pupils come in and see one on the board and grab a whiteboard and get stuck in. Now they have worked through a few of these type of problems, my pupils know how to tackle them and different strategies to try. The most popular one of the last few weeks has been:


Once the class has had some time to work on the problem, we share answers. The best part is when a pupil sees another pupil’s solution and asks “what happens if we swap those two numbers?” Really engages the whole class and is accessible for all to try. Love them!

4. A website I go to regularly to find worksheets or teaching ideas is Miss Brookes Maths. This website has teaching resources that are bright and colourful, differentiated and accessible. It also has a blog which highlights many different ideas and resources to help plan lessons. Here’s an idea of the type of worksheet available:


5. Final share for today, this amazing site by Darren Carter . This site has an amazing supply of differentiated questions for displaying on the board for the class to try. Select from topics ranging from adding fractions, expanding brackets, surds, quadratic formula and trigonometry. The answers are there ready for displaying to the class. I use these as starters, in the middle of a double period or at the end of a lesson. Pupils can discuss questions or work independently.


Hopefully, you will find something here useful and/or inspiring and I look forward to discovering more wonderful teaching ideas and resources.





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