The week that was (no. 17)

My blog this week is going to be a little different from usual as it is the last week of term.

The week started with a trip to court to see if I was required for jury duty. I wasn’t, but I missed most of Monday at school. The rest of the week was relatively uneventful with most pupils managing to keep working despite Christmas being around the corner.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I feel more tired than I remember from previous years. It could be that I’m older or that I’ve just moved house but I have been struggling to stay awake this week. Hopefully the holidays will allow me to relax, unwind and get some energy.

I wanted to end the term saying a massive thank you. This job is tough and I know it would be so much tougher without everyone who helps and supports me.


One thought on “The week that was (no. 17)

  1. Thanks for all you contribute to Maths Education here in Scotland! Have a well deserved Christmas break in your new hoose and get the batteries recharged for a geeky 2019!x


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