The week that was (no. 13)

This week was one of those weeks where the time just seems to vanish and the things you planned to do don’t get done. There’s been a pile of marking on my desk all week that I didn’t get around to as there was always something more urgent.

Here’s what my classes have been learning about this week:

  • S2 – finishing averages and range, drawing graphs
  • S3 – percentages
  • N5 – quadratic graphs
  • AH – complex numbers

Best moment of the week

Whenever I introduce complex numbers I love to show the class “John and Betty’s Journey to Complex Numbers”. It is a delightful cartoon showing the development of numbers with guides John and Betty. I particularly like the giant cookies!! You can read the cartoon here.

Resources of the week

I introduced solving quadratic equations by discussing the zero product property. Then after a few example I set my N5 class this matching sheet.

The sheet allowed pupils to self check their work and meant my time could be spent supporting pupils rather than marking their answers. Of course, as always, I ended up having a mistake on the sheet – there was a + 12 where there was meant to be  a – 12. The mistake has now been fixed and the sheet is available here.

Last week I blogged about the sheet I used for drawing quadratic graphs by completing the square. This week my N5 class were sketching quadratics by factorising. I made this sheet for them to use to provide some structure.

quad graphs 3Some of the pupils chose not to use the sheets but those who did seemed to find the layout really helpful. Unfortunately I never got any pictures of pupil work to show. A copy of the sheet can be found here.

Mistakes of the week

I made two other mistakes this week (other than my worksheet) – I messed up completing a symmetrical picture on the marking scheme of an assessment and I forgot to go to an observation lesson I had arranged. Luckily I have a lovely department who’s only comment was “at least we know you are human too”.


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