Everything Organization

I do like to organize. I like pretty folders and files. I like colourful drawers and trays. I like labelling boxes and shelves. I like to organize cupboards and rooms. Disclaimer – even though I try to be organized, it doesn’t always go to plan. I do end up with piles of messy papers, misplace things and my pen drive is a mess.

Life is very hectic as a teacher. Constantly changing from one class to the next. Being handed jotters and pieces of paper. It is very easy to lose important documents, pupil work and feel chaotic.

For me, how do I cope?

The main thing for me is what happens at the end of the day. I don’t leave work unless my desk is clear and tidy. This means I have tidied away any resources and books used that day that I no longer need. I have put away any borrowed pencils, rubbers and rulers. Any pupil work is put into their class folder. I have all the work ready for the next day, including photocopies, resources, textbooks and anything else I need.

This way when I arrive in the morning I walk into a room to see a neat and tidy desk. I can sit down, check my email and look over my plans for the day. This provides me with a calm start to the day, knowing it may not last!

I find that time at the end of the day invaluable. Setting up for the next day rather than leaving it for the morning takes a lot of stress out of my day. Arriving in the morning, running around getting photocopies then finding a paper jam, trying to track down a particular resource and not finding it leads me to panic and is not a great way for me to start the day.

It is something very simple but I wouldn’t do it any other way.


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