It’s the middle of the school holidays but I am writing this post in response to the article today by the Secret Teacher in the Guardian. I read a great post by Miss B Lilley about spreading the positive message of teaching instead of all the negativity. Here’s the invitation:

I invite you to become the Not So Secret Teacher, send me through your positive experiences of teaching, just focus on one particular thing that you love about teaching, or that makes your day, or that reminds you of how lucky you are to spend your days teaching young people, let’s inspire people to take on (and keep) a career that is more rewarding than so many others.


Before I write about why I love teaching I want to share three things:

  1. there is a lovely website One Good Thing where teachers all over the world share one good thing from their day. Make sure to check it out here.
  2. teaching is a challenging profession but through debate, discussion, sharing and support it can be the most wonderful job.
  3. Some maths teachers back in August started using the hashtag #mathsrockedtoday as a way to highlight positivity in the classroom. I would love to see others joining in.

That look on their face

A pupil I teach finds maths very difficult. It is not something he has any confidence with and every day is a struggle for this pupil to understand new concepts. Recently we were studying fractions and as a class were looking at how to simplify fractions. After a class discussion about how to simplify fractions I could see by the look on their face that this pupil didn’t really understand. I took a few minutes individually with this pupil to show how they could use a times table square to help with finding the highest common factor. The pupil then worked away steadily. When I went to check their work, most of the questions had been simplified accurately with a few that needed to be simplified further. What was lovely was the smile beaming on the pupil’s face. They were so pleased to be able to simplify fractions without constantly asking for help. It is a small thing but it is one of the reasons that I love teaching.


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