0 to 49 Cards

Here is a little task that the new S1 pupils will be completing in their Numeracy lessons this week. There will be three different sets of these cards so pupils will not be able to see the answers at another table.

The concept is simple – the statements on the cards all give an answer from 0 to 49. The task of each group is to put the statements in numerical order from 0 to 49.

Here are some of the statements:

The pupils can decide amongst themselves as a group whether to split up the 50 cards between them or all work together one card at a time.

The statements do not contain very complicated maths but do use important mathematical language and test general knowledge.

A copy of these statements can be found here. I will put up the other two sets of statements next week.

Update: All three sets of the 0 to 49 cards can be found here at the bottom of the resources page. Let me know if there are any typos.


6 thoughts on “0 to 49 Cards

  1. Thank you for sharing this activity. I am going to use this as an introductory activity to begin the year with a few of my classes. Can I be cheeky enough to ask if you did post the other two sets?


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