My Goals

I have a few goals that I want to achieve this year. Some are very small and hopefully manageable while others will take longer and more time. I’m sure that as the year progresses my goals will likely change but as I start back at school tomorrow these are the things that are on my mind.

  1. Remember that I now work in a school that does not have end of period bells. I really struggled with this in the few weeks I worked in my new school in June. I am so used to waiting for a bell and it is very strange to dismiss pupils from class without one. I even let a class out five minutes early because I forgot when the period ended. It twigged just after they left the room and bless them, they did come back when I shouted down the corridor.
  2. Keep up with my reading – I bought several books this summer and have dipped into them but haven’t completely finished them or thought about the implications to my teaching. These books are: Mathematical Mindsets, Making Thinking Visible and Making Number Talks Matter. I also have Make It Stick and Embedding Formative Assessment which I bought last year.
  3. Look at giving better feedback to homework and assessments – this one will need some thought.
  4. Finally follow through with a plenary task system that is purposeful and manageable.
  5. The big one – develop my leadership skills as a new Principal Teacher.
  6. DESMOS – try to figure out why everyone loves DESMOS and devote some time to actually learning how it works.

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