More About Me

I wrote a post a little while ago stating some facts about me (it’s here). As one of the #MTBoSBlaugust prompts was to write 20 facts about yourself I thought I would have another go, maybe adding in a bit more detail. I’ve only given 10 facts though.

1. I have spent more time on airplanes under the age of 2 than I have since.

My dad got the opportunity to work in Australia at the Sliding Springs Observatory. Once there, I was added to the family. I travelled to many different places around Australia and New Zealand, travelled to Ireland and back, travelled around Malaysia and Indonesia all before heading to Scotland at the young age of 2.

2. I was home-schooled for 2 months when I was 5

We moved house when I was in Primary 1. My new school didn’t have room for me until the new session so my mum taught me at home for a few months. We actually lived so near the primary school that we could hear the bells so my school day matched the real school day. Lucky me!

3. I played the violin and viola until I was 12

I took lessons at school for over 4 years and have to say that I was absolutely terrible at the violin and viola. I think I found it difficult not having exact places to put my fingers. I stick to the piano now. Not that I’m brilliant at that.

4. I have travelled to approximately 24 different countries.

Yes a few of these were as a child, but as an adult I have travelled to the USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Austria, Denmark, France to name a few. I feel very lucky to have been able to see so many wonderful places – mostly all during school summer holidays. Travelling around Europe by train was certainly a highlight. As was returning to Australia with my sister to visit the town where I was born.

5. I am currently addicted to playing Colour Switch on my phone

Nothing more to add really. I tend to play a game to death or until the next one comes along.

6. I have been on Twitter for exactly 1 year

It’s my Twitterversary. I took the plunge last August to join Twitter and have loved it. I have met so many wonderful people, picked up loads of ideas and shared what has been going on in my classroom. Here’s to year 2 – where I am going to try to expand the MTBoS by encouraging more Scottish teachers onto Twitter.

7. I have a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh

I studied my degree from 1999 – 2003. During my maths degree, I took some short courses on meteorology, physics, computing and the history of medicine!

8. My favourite traybake to make is Malteser Slice

Digestives, chocolate, golden syrup, butter, Maltesers. What could be better?

9. I consider myself to be British

I was born in Australia, grew up in Scotland, my dad is English and my mum is Irish. My grandparents are Welsh, Scottish and Irish.

10. I now own my own laminator

I was given a Staples voucher as part of my leaving present from my last job. My friends know me very well. Part of it went on a laminator. I have already used up the pack of 100 laminating pouches.



One thought on “More About Me

  1. So glad you’re loving your laminator! I just bought 300 sheets for $22 on Amazon. We won’t talk about how many we’ve gone through this summer…

    Meeting Shaun has introduced me to the idea of slice, and I’m definitely a fan. I’ve been having to get creative since most of the biscuits typically used in slice aren’t available in the US.

    And, I just want to say I’ve had SO much fun interacting with you on twitter. Glad you decided to join us!


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