Plenary Tasks

There has been much written about on Twitter lately about Plenaries or Lesson Close and it has got my brain ticking over. This is an area where I feel I am not on top of yet. I have tried exit tickets, summaries, and much more but often I stick with them for a week or so then they drop off. Why? Often I get caught up in the main part of the lesson and find there is no time. But if I’m being honest, I don’t think I have developed a system good enough yet that is actually proving beneficial to my students. I could continue to hand out exit tickets or some of the other strategies I’ve tried and it would tick a box. Yes, my students evaluate themselves at the end of each lesson. But unless it is meaningful and moves their learning forward, what is the point?

I have read many thoughts and opinions on plenaries and have a tendency to get carried away with an idea without fully thinking it through. This needs to stop. Earlier this evening I remembered something I had seen on Education Scotland website. It is about promoting higher order thinking in relation to Bloom’s Taxonomy.

This is from the blog me and my laptop

It even provides suggestions of questions and tasks that I can ask my students to complete. My aim is to have this displayed for me to see and to try to use one of these daily as a lesson close. Here they are.


plenary 1

plenary 2

The link to this document is here.

It is the top three Creating, Evaluating and Analysing that I would want to focus on. What I need to think about now is how I collect the information from my students in order for it to be purposeful.


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