The Fridge

A few days ago on Twitter I saw this:

Curiosity got to me and I asked what the “fridge” was. @MickieGibbs2 sent me this link to Scaffolded Math and Science website. It describes exactly what the fridge is.

The Fridge is a place to display good work done by students. Simple. The name relates to the fact that as wee ones we used to rush home from school to show mum and dad our work and they would display it on the fridge.

I really like this concept. Often I make displays of posters or summaries that a whole class have made and these are great. However, I want a place to display individual pieces of work – this might be a copy of a page of notes, class work, homework. It might be one calculation that has been completed. The key thing for me is it is recognising the great work of my students.

Here is a picture of my fridge:20160809_150856.jpg

It is in the corridor of the maths department so I am hoping that all the other maths teachers will use it too.

While I was in school tidying up my classroom, several teachers asked me what the fridge was. Once I explained it, they totally understood the concept but it did make me think that the display needed a subheading.

Here’s what I’ve come up with. I’m not convinced yet that this is what I will go with. Very much open to suggestions.


The files for the two titles can be here: The Fridge and Coolest


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