#Made4Math My Classroom

I have just started in a new school. I worked there for 3 weeks before the Summer holidays started. As you can imagine these few weeks were filled with learning new policies, procedures, learning new computer software, meeting new classes, meeting new staff and getting to know a whole new area.

This left little time for me to sort out my classroom. It was left in a bit of a guddle.

There were resources everywhere, piles of textbooks and I couldn’t find anything. I managed to clear some of it during June and started on the backing paper for the new displays. I didn’t even attempt to clear the cupboard (it made me very sad to see it in such a state).

I am hoping to go in next week to tidy the cupboard, put up my new displays and organise my resources.

Here is what I have made so far:





I also printed out the Misspelt Word Display by @mathsjem and Vertical and Horizontal letters inspired by @mathequalslove


I am thinking of putting the Misspelt Words out in the corridor for all to see. Once I get these all up there will still be room for pupil work too.





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