My Hopes for MTBoSBlaugust 2016


It was this time last year that I started reading blogs from maths teachers which included Blaugust posts. This really inspired me to join Twitter and get involved in the MTBoS (I didn’t even know what this was last August).

When I saw this tweet by @druinok I knew I had to take part this year.

The first blog prompt suggested is: “What do you hope to get out of Blaugust this year?”

My hopes are quite simple really. 

  • to read lots of interesting and informative blogs by other maths teachers
  • to share my thoughts and ideas with other maths teachers
  • to reflect on the previous year
  • to inspire the new year ahead.

So to start of the #MTBoSBlaugust challenge I thought I would start by saying that this year has been a tough one for me personally. I have faced some of my fears and am trying to be a little braver. I have found so much enjoyment sharing on Twitter and on this blog and have valued (more than I can say) everyone who has reciprocated. This year my challenges are going to be more work based as I start a new job. I know I will be looking to Twitter and blogs for lots of help, advice, support and inspiration.


2 thoughts on “My Hopes for MTBoSBlaugust 2016

  1. I also had a tough year this past school year. I’m really looking forward to a fresh start next month. It’s nice to hear that I’m not alone, and I wish you all the best for your new job.


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