Mixed Ability Classes

I have always taught junior classes that have been set by ability. Even within these classes there has still been a need for differentiation. In my new school the S1 and S2 classes are not set. This means I will need to rethink the way I teach these junior classes. I am going to have to spend time learning how best to teach mixed ability classes.

One thing did pop into my mind immediately: Challenge Grids.

I discovered these on Twitter, but not for maths. So I made some.grid

There are three levels of questions (colour coded) for pupils to choose from. Pupils can be given a time limit to get as many points as possible or a target number of points to achieve.

I have only just started using these in lessons and think they will be an ideal way to allow all pupils to access questions at their level but also allowing challenge.

I do think that I may have to adapt them a little so to have more questions in the middle range and make sure the green questions are going to challenge the more able in the class.

I have made a few so far but have a lot more to make. These can be found here.

I would really love to hear how other teachers plan for mixed ability classes.


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