All About Me

I was thinking about what to blog about and I was struggling. The last few weeks have been so intense that I have not had much time to reflect.

I was sent a list of blog prompts when I first starting blogging so I have decided to use some of them.

So here are fifteen random facts about me:

  1. I was born in Australia
  2. My dad is a retired astronomer
  3. I played the bassoon in high school
  4. I have never been to Spain
  5. My favourite colour is blue
  6. My favourite number is 343
  7. I wear contact lenses
  8. I am very very competitive
  9. I love playing board games
  10. I have a scar on my chin from a supermarket trolley
  11. I am pretty clumsy
  12. Tidying up relaxes me
  13. Stationery is my weakness
  14. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 21
  15. If I start a puzzle I have to finish it

I am sure I will get back to blogging about maths and teaching next time.

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