I spend a lot of time planning my lessons. How will I introduce a topic? What investigation, task or activity do I want my pupils to complete? What homework do I want to set?

What I often neglect to think about is how to end my lessons. Most of my lessons end with me looking at the clock and realising we only have one minute until the bell and have to spend that time packing up.

I have been trying to focus more on simple plenaries that do not need much prior preparation but are effective.

Here are a few I have been trying:

(1) Swap your work from today’s lesson with your partner. List three positive features of their work and write one or two areas for improvement. Swap back and discuss.

(2) Imagine you are the teacher. Think about a question you would ask the class to see if they have understood the learning intentions. Share the question with the class.

(3) In pairs, discuss the vocabulary, knowledge and skills you have learned today. Consider ways to that would help the class retain this information and feedback to the class.

I have also been using exit tickets – again to save advanced preparation – I made an Exit Ticket Prompt Poster and pre-made exit tickets that suit all maths topics (based on an idea by @druinok).

exit tickets

These have been quite successful and as they are displayed on my wall I remember to use them regularly. I have put a copy of the Exit Ticket Prompt Poster and pre-made exit tickets in my Resources Section.

Something new I want to try: 60 Second Brain Dump – courtesy of @pamjwilson.

Here’s the idea

Brain dump…for 60 seconds write about anything you learned today, something you discovered or anything that relates to another topic. Share one item from your list with your group. Next lesson – choose a pupil randomly to share something they heard from another pupil the lesson before.

Main thing I need to focus on is – What is the best strategy to help my pupils?


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