Is there such a thing as a typical day?

Week 1 of the 2016 Blogging Initiative!

When I signed up for the 2016 Blogging Initiative I thought that this would be my start with blogging. However, thanks to some great teachers on Twitter I started blogging in the Christmas holidays taking part in the Yule Challenge.

So here is my official start to the 2016 Blogging Initiative – I have selected Option 2 to write about.

Option 2: A few years ago, some people in the #MTBoS wanted to share what their teaching lives were like. Partly because we all work in different schools, and so we wanted to get a glimpse of our friends-in-action. At the same time, we also wanted to battle against the idea that teaching is easy. We wanted to share what it is like to be a teacher with non-teachers! So we all blogged about a single day of teaching — from start to finish. So for the first week of the blogging initiative, we thought you blogging about a day in your lives would be a great way to start getting to know each other!

This was my day yesterday:

7.50am – arrived at school. Walked into my classroom to find that it was freezing. No, the heating wasn’t broken, it’s that my room has lots of beautiful old sash windows that let all the cold air in.

7.50am – 8.50 am – spent my time writing up my lessons onto my interactive whiteboard, printing of “stickies” (as the pupils call them) – notes to stick into jotters – then cutting them up, catching up with colleagues after the weekend – main topic of conversation was the epic journey home on Friday due to poor weather – my 20 minute drive took 3 hours.

8.50am – 8.55am – Registration with my S4 tutor group. Very quiet as a few away to France on the ski trip.

8.55am – 10.35am – Double period with one of my National 5 classes. This class has 28 pupils. We were looking at similar triangles, similar area and volume. Afraid to say that the lesson was not overly interesting. With time running out before the prelim I needed to motor through the material and give class independent practice time.

10.35am – 10.50am – Break time

10.50am – 11.40am – time for my second National 5 class, this time with 31 pupils. Again, a pretty boring lesson really. Covering similar area and volume. Reminded class that homework due tomorrow, not holding my breath for many in though.

11.40am – 12.30pm – my non-contact for the day. Spent the first 10 minutes supervising another class waiting for the cover teacher to arrive. Then wasted time trying to photocopy a document that was meant to be double sided but kept coming out only printing alternative pages. Gave up.

12.30pm – 1.20pm – Higher maths time, smallest class with 21 pupils. They have been working on definite integrals so I decided to try “Add Em Up” – an activity I found thanks to Sara VanDerWerf. The pupils got stuck into the task but didn’t actually manage to complete a set as I made the questions very tricky so easy for pupils to make mistakes. However, on reflection, lots of great discussion and group work.

1.20pm – 2.05pm – Lunchtime but not for me. On a Monday I run Mad 4 Maths. The pupils played Rummikub, Tsuro, worked on some revision and generally had a good time.

2.05pm – 2.55pm – my S2 class (28 pupils)- we were starting to look at Pythagoras so pupils were drawing right-angled triangles and investigating the relationship between the squares of the sides. Some success here but in this class there is a wide range of ability and pace so some had completed the task whilst others had not even drawn their triangles.

2.55pm – 3.45pm – time for my last class of the day, my S3s (28 pupils). We have been working on gradient so the class tried a gradient version of “Add Em Up”. It worked far better than with the Higher class because the questions were shorter and more accessible. I also loved it as pupils had to add and subtract fractions to get the final answer.

3.45pm – day over. I has a few pupils stay on at the end of the day to ask about a few topics they had been struggling with. Then spent some time tidying up and sorting out some paperwork ready for the next day.

5.15pm – headed home with the knowledge that I had to spend time in the evening looking over the Higher prelim.

So that was my day.


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