#MTBoS12days Classroom Wishlist

I am very lucky. I have a lovely large classroom with beautiful views of the river. Also, my department is very well stocked with equipment, paper, card, stationery and resources.

However, I do have a few classroom wishes – some more attainable than others:

  • all the blinds in my room to work
  • better heating – it can get very cold over Winter due to the beautiful old sash windows
  • more chairs – I have more desks than I do chairs which means the chairs have to be moved each lesson

Things I can achieve myself (with time):

  • a better collection of puzzles for pupils to use
  • a Questions Board – a place for pupils to leave questions they might have
  • better classroom displays of pupil work

May never be able to get (but could make alternatives):

  • While You Were Out Files – I was pointed in the direction of this Filetastic (by @pamjwilson) but can’t seen to find it in the UK
  • ReUseable Dry Eraser Pockets – these are available but at a very high price



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