#MTBoS12days Books Books Books


I love to read but don’t always make time to read.

My early Christmas present to myself is “Make It Stick” P C Brown.

I have seen lots of recommendations for this book on Twitter and really want to read it and hope I can use it to help my pupils improve their learning.

I have borrowed a copy of “War and Peace” Leo Tolstoy from my mum.  Haven’t started it yet and now the BBC is showing a six part series in the New Year. Dilemma – do I watch the series then read the book or vice versa?

Currently I am reading “The Girl Next Door” by Ruth Rendell. I’ve not read much of it yet but am enjoying it so far. Not your typical murder mystery but I’m intrigued to read on.

A book I’ve read … so many to choose from but one more recent book I’ve read is “The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window and Disappeared” Jonas Jonasson. Basically on his 100th birthday Allan jumps out of a window in his retirement home and goes on an adventure.  The story takes you back through Allan’s life – in a Forrest Gump way – and he has met some interesting people such as President Truman and Stalin. Allan gets involved with many different characters,  some criminal.  I found it a charming and quirky story.








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