#MTBoS12days Success Story

What is a success story from this term? That’s a tough one as this term has been one of the most challenging I have faced in a long time. I seemed to be working more and more hours but achieving less and less.

But .. in amongst all the struggles there have been a few small successes:

  1. Getting involved in Twitter and #MTBoS and #mathstlp. I have met a great group of maths teachers who love to discuss and share ideas and are just as enthusiastic as I try to be. I can honestly say that I have gained so much this term just by embracing social media (I don’t even do Facebook!)
  2. Reinventing the way I deliver notes and the way pupils write their notes. I took inspiration from @mathequalslove and many others with their interactive notebooks. Looking back at my old notes they were mostly scribbles on bits of paper, no clear focus and really boring. So I put boxes of equipment on each table ready to cut, glue and highlight (and until recently nothing had gone missing from them). I now use foldables, printed notes, content pages, learning intentions, graphic organisers and a good dose of highlighting. I have noticed pupils taking a lot more care and attention over their notes and they have become far more visual and useful. A few pupils do groan when I say we are going to make a foldable but most of my classes find them beneficial.

Hopefully at the end of next term I will feel more successful overall but am pleased to be trying lots of new techniques.


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