#MTBoS12Days My Favourite Holiday Memories

Inspired by @pamjwilson, @druinok and @mathymeg07 I am going to take part in #MTBoS12Days.

I am really happy to have been given ideas to write about . I think that this will be a great way to start my blog so here goes.

My favourite holiday memories:

Over the past few years the Home Economics department has offered to help staff make Christmas Cakes after school. I loved this – I would spend hours and hours pouring through magazines and websites looking for inspiration – just like I do with teaching maths!  While I am quite good at baking, decorating has never been my strong point.

My first attempt  was quite a treat to make. In order to make the silver paint shine I had to mix it with gin. Yum Yum.

silver cake

Over the years I loved sharing ideas with my colleagues and spending time after school making icing decorations. This sort of school meeting is a great way to build relationships.

Here are a few more of my cakes over the years:


star cakeshooting star cake


penguin cake.jpg

The penguins took a long time to perfect. Talk about perseverance.

Sadly I was far too busy this year to make one – I really missed taking time out to do it. Hopefully I can get the chance to make one next year.




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